5555 Cyber Turtles

Providing holders with our Whitelist Marketplace, credible alpha, p2e gaming and a discord you can call home.


Jolly Dinger

Turtle Advisor


Lead Turtle


Turtle Dev


Other than this Discord's channels, you can follow us on Twitter (@CyberTurtlesNFT), Instagram (@CyberTurtlesNFT).
Pre-sale will be on January 30th from 6 - 9:59pm EST , Public will begin at 10pm EST
The initial genesis collection will include 5,555 Cyber Turtles.
Stay tuned to our social channels! We'll regularly share sneak-peaks of the work in progress there.
Yes, we will begin by putting a 50 ETH pool directly towards a DAO for acquiring metaverse land. Once we obtain this land, we will host daily/weekly competitions from a variety of games in our discord for @everyone to have the chance to win land of their own. We will be dissolving our entire DAO and giving it all back to the community. TONS of new people want to be a part of an alpha community as well. Turtles will act as a pfp, a key to our games AND an alpha pass.
We hope to launch 3-4 free mints for our genesis holders in 2022. Our second collection will be a mutant collection, where you will be able to mint 1 free Mutant Cyber Turtle per genesis Cyber Turtle. For our third collection we will create a Cyber Turtles Minecraft server with Minecraft Cyber Turtle skins where you can earn plots of land with $SHELL through p2e. The 4th collection?!?!? Metaverse Ready
Each Cyber Turtle NFT will cost .07 ETH


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